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As the show continued Genji appeared once or twice. She had a big singing part in Topsy Turvy but things didn't get interesting until the woman the club knew as Darcy came out.
"Now for the next part of our show we would like two volunteers." she said.
There was a storm of people waving their hands, including Tamaki.
"Oh, pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!" he said waving his hand around frantically.
The twins laughed at him. They didn't raise their hands. As much as they liked the show, they'd prefer to stay out of it.
"You two!" Darcy said pointing at the twins.
"Us!?!" they exclaimed.
"Them!?!" Tamaki demanded.
"Yes! You two with the orange hair. The twins." she said.
"But-" they began before they were hoisted up into the air by two acrobats. "WAH!"
The acrobats placed them onto the stage next to Darcy.
"Just play along." she whispered into their ears before running off.
'I'll get you for this Darcy.' Genji thought menacingly from her place off stage.
Just then the music began and performers in dark clothes marched out in time to the music with Genji at the forefront.
Then they began to sing while dancing around the confused twins,
"Maybe you've heard of a terrible place
Where the scoundrels of Paris
Collect in a lair
Maybe you've heard of that mythical place
Called the Court of Miracles"
"Hello, you're there!"  Genji said enthusiastically.
"Where the lame can walk" -four people in make-shift wheel chairs then jumped up and marched arm in arm.
"And the blind can see" -four people in dark sunglasses marched arm in arm and threw off their glasses.
"But the dead don't talk." Genji broke in. "So you won't be around
To reveal what you've found!" At this point she took the twins by their collars.
"We have a method for spies and intruders
Rather like hornets protecting their hive
Here in the Court of Miracles
Where it's a miracle if you get out alive!"
At this point Genji shoved the twins to two big burly men who escorted them up to the gallows and placed a noose around each of their necks and gags around their mouths'. Their arms were also tied to their sides. At this point they were freaking out.
Genji then did a flip onto the gallows between the twins and continued, "Justice is swift in the Court of Miracles
I am the lawyers and judge all in one
We like to get the trial over with quickly
Because it's the sentence that's really the fun!" she said happily. "Any last words?"
"That's what they all say." Genji said to the audience before returning to the song. "Now that we've seen all the evidence-"
"Wait! I object!" the puppet exclaimed falling done from above to Genji's left.
"Overruled!" she snapped swiftly turning towards it.
"I object!" exclaimed the puppet as it moved to the other side of Genji.
"Quiet!" she yelled into its face.
"Sustained." the puppet squeaked.
"We find you totally innocent. Which is the worst crime of all." Genji said with a grave look on her face before it turned into a huge smile.
"So you're going to hang!" they sang.
Genji bowed as the song came to an abrupt end and the twins squealed as the ground beneath them disappeared. The lights went out at that same moment.
The twins hit the ground stunned. The rope around their necks was loose and no longer connected to the gallows. The two boys sat there terrified in a dark compartment.
Just then they feel the little room they're in move. A minute later a trap door opens above them.
"Well hiya boys." Bruno greeted with his huge smile.
The Hitachiin twins just shook and stared at him with dumbfounded expressions.
"Oh come on it wasn't that bad." Bruno told them, hauling them out of the box.
When the twins looked around they realized that they were backstage.
"So you must be the Hitachiin twins." a man in a grey jumpsuit with a broom in his hands and glasses.
"And you are?" Kaoru demanded.
"Tomo Tarot. The janitor." he said smiling.
"Wait. Tarot as in-" Hikaru began.
"As in the father of the jester that just hung you two at the gallows." Tomo finished.
The twins looked at each other.
"You guys can go back to your friends once the show is over. Until then you'll have to sit tight." Tomo continued.
"Do you guys do that to all your customers?" Hikaru asked annoyed.
"No. Usually we plant some of our own in the crowd but we made an exception today for you guys." Genji's father said warmly.
"Did Genji tell you guys to do that?" Kaoru inquired.
"Nope. This was just as much a surprise for her as it was for you guys." Tomo replied.
The twins glanced at each other and then turned to watch the show.
Tomo turned his attention to the show as well and smiled softly.
"You know, she talks about you two often." he began.
"To complain?" the twins assumed.
"No. Well not usually. She's quite fond of you two."
"Really?" The twins turned around to look at him confused.
"Oh yeah. I think you two remind her of someone she knew." he said cryptically.
Just as the twins were about to ask who, they hear a familiar voice.
"Hey Tweetle-Dee and Tweetle-Dum! You did a nice job up there." I said as I ruffled the twins' hair.
"Thanks." the twins replied dryly.
"You're doing a good job out there Genji. Keep it up." Dad praised me.
"Thanks Dad. These guys aren't causing you too much trouble, are they?"
"No. They're quite nice lads." he replied handing me my bottle of water.
I shrugged as I took a swig and then said. "If you say so."
"Genji! Come on!" Cora urged.
"Oops." I tossed the bottle back to Dad and said to the twins as I left. "Duties calls. I'll see ya after the show."
"Whatever." was their monotone remark.
"Good luck Honey." My Dad called.
"Thanks." I said as I rushed back on stage.
We finished up the rest of the play without a hitch. Too bad we didn't have many people there to see it. Not as many people came to the circus as they used to. Of course the loudest person clapping there was Tamaki.
"Yahoo! Great going!" he was shouting.
A couple of my fellow performers snickered at him. I acted like I was deaf.
Afterwards I met up with the host club in back.
"Wow. These commoner performances are quite amazing considering the budget you guys have to work with." Tamaki exclaimed.
"Thanks...I think." I replied.
"You have to come perform at the club some time Gen-chan!" Honey urged from atop Mori's shoulders.
"We agreed to keep her background a secret from the rest of the student body remember." Kyoya interjected.
"Awww..." Honey complained.
"Oh you must reconsider!" Tamaki said taking my hands.
"Letting a talent such as yours go to waste is such a crime!" He continued.
"But it's not going to waste. I perform almost every weekend..."
"Plus if you do this, you'll have the host club protection, but that's beside the point, everyone will love you!"
"Look! I'm not going to be some performing monkey!" I snapped remove my hands from his.
"We'll pay of course." Kyoya added.
I looked at him. "Like a little club like yours has enough money to pay me worth my time."
He then held out a slip of paper that had a yen amount on it. My jaw dropped when I saw the number.
"That's definitely worth my time." I said astonished.
"So you'll perform for us?" Honey asked excitedly.
"I don't know..." I began.
I wasn't sure if I could trust them completely but the money they were offering...
The circus was getting a little tight on cash and the tent needed some repairs. Not to mention my lack of a college fund. This money could go a long way into cleaning up the place.
"...okay." I replied unsure.
"Yay! Oh! It'll be so nice to see a commoner performance. The ladies will love it!" Tamaki exclaimed.
"I didn't just sign my soul over to the devil did I?" I quietly asked Haruhi.
"Pretty much. Just a much happy, go-lucky, idiotic version." she answered.
"I guess that means we'll be seeing you a lot more often." Kaoru blandly stated.
"Yeah. Too much." Hikaru added.
"Oh you'll get used to me." I assured them.
"Pretty sure we won't." they answered.
I just stuck my tongue out at them in response. Out of the corner of my eye though, I saw my Dad smiling at us...

The next day of school was when I went to the club to check out where I would be performing.
"Tomorrow we'll be in the gardens and you'll have to do an act on this." Kyoya informed me as we walked out.
When we got there I was greeted by I tight rope five stories high. I felt the color drain from my face.
"This won't be a problem will it?" he asked.
" shouldn't take too long to write a will..." I stammered.
And that's when I vowed never to make a deal with rich people again...If I was going to live past this next performance to make another deal...
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The biggest obstacle I think Kubo faced was forgiving his grandfather for everything he did. He could have easily banished or killed him but instead, Kubo let him believe he had been a good person.

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